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Charles Masuku, M.Ed.

Hi there! My name is Charles Masuku, and I am passionate about all things learning, capability and performance related. I love building meaningful relationships with organisations that help them solve their business problems and improve performance.

A little bit about me...

Many years ago, I stumbled into learning as a profession via IT training where I became drawn to the broader professional development needs of learners beyond technology. The learning sciences had hooked me, and I would continue over a 20-year career on the supplier side of learning and development consultancy in roles involving sales and marketing leadership, performance consulting, leadership coaching and sales capability development.


As I completed my Master of Education (Leadership & Learning), I grew more convicted that there was so much more value that learning consultancies could provide. I felt we could better support internal learning teams in their quest to add business value. This is how Emergent Learning was born - a learning consultancy that situates the learning sciences and evidence-based practices as pivotal to achieving business goals.


We extend the capability and capacity of internal Learning and Development teams across their remit from Learning Design and Development, Learning Evaluation and Strategy to Capability Analysis and Development. We help organisations adapt more effectively and methodically to the accelerating drivers for change that characterise the prevailing climate in business.


I would love nothing more than to explore your context and share with you why working with us changes everything!

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