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Dr Kuva Jacobs

Hello! My name is Kuva, and I am a passionate and strategic learning professional. If you are in need of assistance, I am here to help you create professional, engaging, and high-quality learning experiences while respecting your budget and timelines.

My Story

My journey into learning design began with a PhD in mathematics, where I created visual, interactive, flash-based modules that brought complex mathematical equations to life, such as sorting algorithms and spring oscillations.

Driven by a desire to create innovative learning solutions, I have ventured into the corporate space, contributing to a wide range of learning and development projects across various industries. Some of the industries I have worked in include telecommunications, IT and IT service management, drilling and mining, tertiary education, digital marketing and social media, defense, construction, and leadership and behavioral skills development.

I pull together the best team to offer comprehensive learning design services throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. From training needs analysis to designing complex, multi-channel learning solutions, developing interactive and engaging learning materials, and expertly evaluating learning effectiveness, I am here to assist you. Additionally, I can provide guidance on your overall learning design strategy and ensure your project is effectively managed according to timelines and budget.

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