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Critical Thinking



Delivery Mode

Closed Cohort


4 Hrs


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Target Audience

Business professionals, leaders & executives aiming to sharpen their critical thinking skills in complex or ambiguous contexts.

About the Course

This course will provide individuals with a process for analysing and evaluating new information, ideas, or situations in a logical and objective manner in order to form judgements, make decisions, and solve problems, centred around evolving business outcomes.

This course is designed by a Doctoral level learning design expert in conjunction with subject matter leaders with extensive domain experience and outstanding academic credentials.

Run in a cohort-based, activity-led format, it goes beyond theory to provide practical methods and frameworks that you can immediately apply in your workplace.


  • Define what critical thinking is and why it is essential

  • Examine biases and logical fallacies that interfere with decision-making

  • Identify emotional versus rational thinking methods

  • Apply structured decision-making processes to arrive at logical conclusions

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