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Systems Thinking



Delivery Mode

Closed Cohort


7.5 Hrs


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Target Audience

Business professionals, leaders & executives looking to create positive systemic change.

About the Course

Systems thinking is a powerful discipline that shifts the perspective of business professionals towards a more holistic, systems view.

It then empowers them with tools and techniques to identify constraints and root causes and use sophisticated analysis and logical problem-solving techniques to develop and implement optimized solutions that result in the largest gains.

The systems thinking course is co-designed by a specialist who has written books, taught on the subject and been applying systems thinking within organisations for decades, together with a Doctoral level learning design expert. 

Run in a cohort-based, activity-led format, it goes beyond theory to provide practical methods and frameworks that you can immediately apply in your workplace.


  • Define the goal and boundary of the system you operate within 

  • Use logical structures to break down the problem to be solved

  • Identify the constraints using TOC and apply optimization techniques

  • Solve a difficult problem using a conflict resolution technique

  • Plan the steps to embed and uplift your business solution

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