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Design Thinking



Delivery Mode

Closed Cohort


7.5 Hrs


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Target Audience

Business professionals who wish to use a structured design thinking approach to build innovative human-centric solutions.

About the Course

The ability for an organisation to adapt and innovate is reliant on the capacity of individuals to leverage design practices and innovation techniques that focus on optimizing for the humans who will use the solutions.

This course addresses all the above explicitly. Designed by Learning Designers who have been practicing specific context set Human Centred Design principles for learning for almost 30 years together with Doctoral level learning qualifications. This course goes beyond the theory and provides practical methods and frameworks that you can apply back in the workplace. All specific to and designed for Business Professionals. 


Focus in on solving the actual problem by clarifying the scope and drivers

Define your audience and their needs better using design thinking techniques

Apply research methods to gather information on business problems in context

Develop hypothesis and use ideation brainstorming techniques to innovate

Build a concept or prototype and test it based on your hypothesis

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