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Closed Cohort


7.5 Hrs


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Target Audience

Business professionals who wish to use analytics to measure and improve their solutions against business objectives.

About the Course

To maximise the impact of any business function, it is critical to effectively measure and evaluate the success of the capabilities delivered. Business units can optimize their value by implementing analytical techniques that align with the organizational goals and leverage data-driven decisions to maximise return on investment.

This course introduces analytics for business teams. It is designed by a specialist who not only has a PhD in mathematics but has written both tertiary and industry courses in this space and has decades of experience as a learning professional. 

Run in a cohort-based, activity-led format, it goes beyond theory to provide practical methods and frameworks that you can immediately apply in your workplace.


  • Describe the power and limitations of analytics

  • Define your current metrics and their relative level of maturity in aligning with business outcomes

  • Critique and apply methods for evaluation and assessment of business outcomes

  • Analyse and present the results and insights of an analysis

  • Identify opportunities for improvement

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