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Introducing our EMERGE Framework - a New Approach to Learning Design

Updated: Feb 14

Our innovative approach and ground-breaking EMERGE framework is our learning design model that incorporates human-centered design methods and other emergent practices that supersedes traditional learning design models (such as ADDIE) in addressing contemporary business contexts.

The EMERGE model has a focus on moving right from understanding requirements in the elicit phase, through to the modelling and experimentation phases, followed by an explicit refinement step through to our scaling emphasis in the grow phase and finally ensuring learning is not just a “set and forget” in the evolve phase.


Elicit is the first, crucial stage that involves discovering the needs of the learner and the broader organizational requirement in order to accurately define the learning outcomes and project scope.


Working together with your content experts and learners, we will scope a solution in terms of high level learning design, timelines, technology constraints and budget.

Collaboration and shared alignment with stakeholders, content specialists and end-learners is vital at this stage.


We work together with your content experts and stakeholders to build a storyboard that ensures we have the right information, delivered in the right format.

We then move into build, where we focus on bringing the content to life, with on brand, professional visual design, engaging interactive elements and assessments.


Our refine phase is all about evaluation of the training and ensuring it is fit for purpose.

The testing and pilot phase captures feedback and prioritises implementing updates to ensure the learning is seamless and hitting the mark.


Once the content and learning assets have been tested and approved, the grow phase implements methods for generating interest and adoption, ranging from change champions, through to communities of practice and other connectivist strategies.


The final step is to evolve the learning by revisiting it after a fixed period of time – can we augment or improve it? Are there gaps or further opportunities for refinement?

If you would like to learn more about our EMERGE framework, please don't hesitate to get in contact.


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