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What EVEN is a Learning Designer?

So... you like teach people stuff?

Not exactly... A learning design consultant is a professional who examines and analyzes the current learning gap or program and advises on how to build an effective solution. We help organisations to design curriculum and training programs that improve performance, support transformation, uplift capability and develop new skills.

A learning designer first reviews the needs of the learners and the business, then develops a high level design or curriculum to fulfill those needs, and ensure that the learning method will be effective.

We then makes recommendations about different platforms and services as well as specific suggestions about types of training or performance support needed, such as virtual facilitated, eLearning or job aids, to name a few.

Once we have all agreed upon the desired solution, we work together with your subject matter experts to co-design the learning materials, which can be provided in a train-the-trainer format, or if you prefer, we can supply experienced facilitators to deliver the learning. We build any eLearning using standard software like Adobe Storyline or Rise and will help to upload on your internal Learner Management System.

There are several names for a learning designer, including learning consultant, learning experience designer or instructional designer. A learning developer typically specialises in building eLearning using the specialised above-mentioned software.

If you need learning consultancy support, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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