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Developing Initiative



Delivery Mode

Closed Cohort


4 Hrs


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Target Audience

Business professionals, leaders & executives aiming to increase their initiative in times of uncertainty, ambiguity or complexity.

About the Course

The course is aimed at helping individuals become more proactive and confident in taking necessary actions towards achieving a goal or solving complex or ambiguous problems as opposed to reacting to events. It helps participants manage risk and the fear of failure.

This course is designed by a Doctoral level learning design expert in conjunction with subject matter leaders with extensive domain experience and outstanding academic credentials.

Run in a cohort-based, activity-led format, it goes beyond theory to provide practical methods and frameworks that you can immediately apply in your workplace.


  • Define what initiative is and why it is essential

  • Identify an opportunity or issue

  • Apply flexible decision-making techniques

  • Weigh up the risks and consequences

  • Articulate the value of an idea

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