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Strengthening Resilience



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Closed Cohort


4 Hrs


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Target Audience

Business professionals, leaders & executives looking to strengthen their resilience as they navigate or lead change.

About the Course

When navigating unchartered waters, not everything will go as planned. Resilience is required to face adversity and manage setbacks.

The resilience course helps individuals and teams develop the ability to recover quickly from setbacks, adjust to changing as well as ambiguous circumstances and apply a continuous improvement mindset when facing adversity.

This course is designed by a Doctoral level learning design expert in conjunction with subject matter leaders with extensive domain experience and outstanding academic credentials.

Run in a cohort-based, activity-led format, it goes beyond theory to provide practical methods and frameworks that you can immediately apply in your workplace.


  • Identify your emotional state during moments of challenge

  • Apply techniques to manage stress and fear

  • Build coping mechanisms to strengthen resilience

  • Apply continuous improvement techniques to adapt and grow

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