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Articulate Rise vs Storyline - What is the Difference?

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Articulate Rise and Storyline are both authoring tools created by Articulate, but they have some differences.

Storyline is very powerful and ideal for highly visual courses that have custom interactions like drag-and-drop, unique click-to-reveals and more. It has an inbuilt simple programming interface called triggers that can enable the developer to create complex interactions using logic branching. Content is presented in a slide-based format and lends itself to heavy use of graphics and visuals and customisable assessments as well as a range of inbuilt options like drag-and-drop.

Rise is a templated and mobile-responsive tool, that presents in a web-like format. Interactions are templated and not easily customisable and there is a limit on the types of interactions. It lends itself to text-based eLearning with basic multiple choice style assessments.

Both Rise and Storyline are SCORM compliant, which is the standard requirement for most LMS platforms.

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