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We are Leaders in Learning Design Solutions

At Emergent Learning, we are dedicated to helping organisations build capability, improve performance, and solve complex business challenges through our comprehensive suite of services.

Learning Design

We create engaging and effective learning experiences tailored to your organisation's needs.


By applying innovative learning design strategies based on adult learning principles, we develop comprehensive learning materials that ensure maximum impact and retention.

Interested in Custom Solutions?


Learning Design

Working with your Subject Matter Experts, we craft engaging facilitator-led and blended learning programs with a focus on learner experience.

eLearning Development

We develop customised high quality, interactive, online courses. Our courses are built in industry standard software- Articulate Storyline or Rise, that is SCORM compliance for seamless LMS integration.

Course Materials Development

Develop comprehensive course materials, including visually stunning Powerpoint presentations, assessments, pre-post course activities and matching learner guides



Our delivery services ensure that your learning initiatives are seamlessly executed and supported. From outstanding facilitation to LMS advisory we provide the expertise and tools necessary to bring your learning programs to life and drive meaningful outcomes.

Ready to  uplift?


Our experienced facilitators deliver off-the-shelf and custom-designed courses, including Adaptive Organisation and Future Skills Series.

Organisational Adaptability & Future Skills

Identify emerging skill requirements to prepare your workforce for future challenges and opportunities.

Skills Development

Develop targeted skills training programs focused on current and future organisational needs.

LMS Advisory/Support

Provide expert advice on LMS selection and implementation, and offer ongoing technical support.



The most effective learning solutions are when they are fit-for-purpose. Making sure we’re solving the right problem and considering the relevant performance objectives is critical to success.


Our learning discovery focuses on building out the scope and requirements of projects where the learning needs are not yet defined and/or budget/timeline options are required to be evaluated against the learning needs to ensure that the maximum impact can be cost-effectively achieved.

Need assistance defining your requirements?

Discovery Workshop

A workshop is suited to more established needs, where the discovery is focused less on what problem to solve and more on what solution applies for the more defined problem. This usually takes the form of a 3-5 business day engagement – including the workshop delivery, program outline and budget.

Discovery Program

The program approach situates the discovery as the initial phase of the likely solution and involves a deeper consultation to uncover the core requirements and considerations. 

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Ready to take the next step? We're here to help you achieve your learning and development goals. Simply select the services you require from the drop-down menu and we will be in touch shortly. For your convenience we’ve added more context to our services below the form.

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