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Learning Requirements Gathering

Gathering the requirements for your learning is one of the most crucial stages for success of the project. It is critical to ensure that you undertake a careful analysis of what the problem is you are trying to solve, what are the underlying business drivers or benefits and what the gap is between what your learners currently are capable of versus the future requirement.

By analysing the learning in terms of tasks you want your learners to perform or behaviours that you want to see shifted, you can clearly identify the key outcomes of the learning, as action oriented steps, that can then be mapped to content and assessments which teach and then ensure the learner can demonstrate the outcomes have been achieved. This is called “Constructive Alignment”.

Audience > Task > Content Item > Assessment

The first task when understanding what training needs to be built, is to map out a clear, concise problem statement. In this case, we are focussed on our learner, why they need the training and what outcome it will achieve for them.

The next step is to ensure that your learning need has a goal and an associated business benefit. This is to verify that the training is commercially valuable to your organisation.

This goal should mention:

  • The scoped audience

  • The content focus area

  • The time frame

  • The behavioural indicator

In this case, the behavioural indicator shows what we can measure success on, in terms of learning.

Once you have completed these two steps, you now have a compelling case to take back to the business.

If you need help with gathering your learning requirements, please get in touch.


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