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Not Just Another LMS #1: Promote

I caught up with Dean Oliver from Promote, to have a sneak peak into their platform and to understand why its not just another LMS. Read on to learn more…

Why is your platform not just another LMS?

Okay, great question.

The reason promote is not just another LMS is because it is a specialized product designed with four goals in mind:

  • So number one is behavioural application. The whole purpose of the platform is to get the learners to apply themselves.

  • Number two, is to create an accountable, open environment that drives engagement.

  • The third key goal is manager involvement, which is also a key component to driving the learner engagement.

  • And lastly, does it work? We measure the interaction to ensure learners are progressing.

Whereas an LMS is more of a resource library, we like to refer to Promote as a Learning Transfer Platform, which has one purpose: a learner-centric platform with behavioural application.

What evidence do you have to demonstrate that your platform supports effective learning?

We have an ace up our sleeve by the name of Professor Robert Brinkerhoff. He has been instrumental to the design of the platform since 2004. He's been 42 years researching the very question you just asked me: Is training effective? And how do we know if it's effective?

We have a number of different statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of Promote, including learners being five times more likely to apply the learning in their workplace after completing training and feeling more responsible and motivated to apply their learning.

For those who like pretty stats and infographics, see here-

What types of organisations do you see would benefit most from your platform?

I think any organization that is interested in the learner as the number one priority, because, to get the most out of this platform, and the permutation and way that was designed, and the purpose of it is the learner outcome and behaviour obligation.

So this platform really helps them to learn in a way that promotes application and transfer of learning to their jobs.

In terms of organisation size, currently there's, a one-man band in Christchurch, New Zealand, right up to a 10,000 plus global conglomerate in the US. So I'd say it's a one glove fits all. Pricing is on a per-license basis and scales, starting with a minimum of 30 learners.

How does your platform fit into the broader learning ecosystem of an organisation?

As mentioned already we have a very specific focus which is on learning outcomes, so that doesn't necessarily overlap with traditional LMS platforms that focus more on large-scale learning. We can certainly integrate well with these existing platforms to co-exist in a harmonious learning ecosystem.

What functions and features do you love most about your platform?

I love the coach approver task which enables a manager or coach to view and approve the tasks that the learner completes, such as answering a reflective question, as this supports more social interaction as they progress through their journey.

There are some other fantastic social features, the platform has been built to support facilitator, manager and group interactions through a social media-like feed.


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